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73% Of Online Marketing Budgets Are Wasted

Best Digital marketing expert in Bangladesh will solve these problems.
My experienced marketing skills can solve it. I increase ROI-DRIVEN organic marketing to meet your expectations. It will help you find your future customers.

Digital Marketing expert in bangladesh

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Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

Who am I?

Hi, This is XAWAD MUSA. I am a Google, Facebook, Semrush & University of California Certified Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh. I have spent 12,000+ hours in digital marketing, which is almost 4 years+. My highest importance is in the Inbound Marketing, Business Strategy, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, PPC, Amazon Affiliate, and Email marketing sectors. I have worked with more than 200+ domestic and foreign companies, which increased their progress by 85-275%++. I am convinced of the perfect result. Because I believe that it’s not possible to achieve the desired results without a lot of Passionate. To guarantee quality work, my only slogan is Better marketing better results.

Awesome Service

Digital Marketing Consultant

Companies that don’t care about their brand are 23% behind their competitors. Branding introduces trust in people. Your business has to do this core branding 1. Brand Identity 2. Brand Strategy 3. Brand Marketing

Startup Business Strategy

Your branding website will play the biggest role in increasing your audience. The website is also 55% effective in building the trust and confidence of the audience. One cannot imagine without an online business website.

Growth Planning & Setup

73% of businesses lose budget just because they don’t have the right DM strategy. Of course, you have to create an excellent strategy before doing advertising. If you do not do that, you will feel that success is far away.


Creative Content Marketing

If marketing is done without content, then blind people can also drive. Again, marketing with bad content means death. So content is king. Therefore, we work with the highest importance of content.


SEO can be like laying golden duck eggs in your business. We are ready to rank your site on the first page of Google. As a result of SEO you will get a lot of organic traffic, so you will not need too much Paid marketing.


The number of social media users in the world is about 5 billion of which 3.8 billion are active. 321 million new ones were added last year. We do re-targeting social media campaigns to increase product sales.

Paid Advertising

To keep the ROI good, increase the company’s sales very quickly PPC Campaign. Outbound marketing has the opportunity to pay per click, so there is a good audience lead, which is useful in later inbound marketing.

Email Marketing

The effectiveness of email marketing after doing PPC. Sending direct messages through beautiful templates builds a good relationship with the consumer. Email marketing brings a lot of sales after PPC.

Skills & Abilities

Are you looking for an experienced and top digital marketing expert in bangladesh? Do you count experience or skills as years? Do you think working for 10 years means a lot of experience? If you think so, then I will say, your judgment and process is completely wrong. Just ending the year does not mean experience. You have to see how much time he spent and how much work he completed and the quality of that work. According to one statistic, if a person spends 6,000 hours on a particular task, he knows that task well. And he can only be called experienced when he spends 12,000 hours on that work. Therefore, a person can acquire 12,000 hours of work for 3 years if he spends 12-13 hours a day. On the other hand, if a person who has worked for 10 years spends 3 hours per day, he does not get 12,000 hours of Acquisition. Now you tell me who is more experienced? Now talk about me. I have been working with digital marketing for the last 3 years and my daily quality work hours average 15+ and I am very passionate about my work.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy 98% 98%
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 95% 95%
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 92% 92%
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) 98% 98%
  • Graphic Design & Brand Strategy 87% 87%
  • Content Marketing 91% 91%
  • Visual/Video Marketing 85% 85%
  • Email Marketing 95% 95%
  • WordPress Web Development 90% 90%

Why I am a digital marketing expert in Bangladesh!

How I am different from others. Why I should be hired. What a thing you will get from me. Let’s find out.

Hello, good luck to you. I am very flexible and idealistic in client service. I’m not just limited to doing digital marketing. Be friendly with the client in any matter and be aware of maintaining proper and disciplined work. Identify the client’s problems and find solutions to those problems. I spend only quality time and I don’t spend average time like others. Quality work is completed in a happy way with sincerity. I am very responsible for your valuable work. Extremely patient and hardExit Visual Builderworking even in annoying work. Much more skillful so there is no difficulty in completing any task. Adaptability and Creative Consciousness exist in the work. Business Acumen, Leadership Skills, strong interest in learning and love of education are endless.

Cost-effectiveness has to be considered in almost every business. Maybe you also think about your business. The survival of the business depends on it, so here is the headache. We create online marketing plans and strategies in a way that will take your headaches away forever. To get low cost and good marketing response, good content, instructional videos, give away, organic social media, DIY infographics, online contests, more and more referrals, brand design and email templates are very important. Alongside this, there is a lot of work to be done on viral marketing, Guerrilla marketing, and customer value. We control the Cost-effective by having a proper plan with all these strategies.

Every achievement is very valuable whether it is small or big. So there is also the achievement itself. Achieve a certificate by completing an online course from the best institution in the world. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Course has been completed from the University of California, Davis and Personal Branding Course has been completed from the University of Virginia. HR Approved Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO Certificate from Skye Learning, Linkedin. The world’s best Facebook, Google, Semrush Certificates, and Awards have been achieved to testify to being a big and mature marketer. Professional Digital Marketing Certificate has been obtained from UY LAB and an official certificate issued by the PKSF government. In addition, I have completed the Professional Technical IT support certificate course from Google. Officially, more than 15 certificates have been obtained, the proof of which can be seen by going to the link and certificate on the About Page. There are a lot of unofficial achievements and courses that have not been recorded. Each of my team members, like me, has great accomplishments, which proves that we understand digital marketing very well and when you visit the portfolio page of the site, you can see our work and understand how much experience we have. A certificate is just a skill mark. We don’t magnify it. We only magnify our client’s problem and its solution.

Every business needs a very strong brand for rapid growth. At the beginning of the business you have to decide who will be the customer of your dreams and what service you will provide for them. Increasing sales through constant customer subscriptions and call to action. Clear business goals and social marketing, SEO, everything will make business successful Grow and fast. And we will guide and work with you on how to do these successful things in a beautiful way. We will work with SCHEDULE Plan, Master Marketing Strategy, SMM, SMO, SEO, Advanced Blog Advertising, Retarget Audience, Viral Content, Target Lookalike Audiences on Facebook, Impress New Customers and Website Boost to grow your business faster. We are ready to provide the best service for fast growth in business.

In order to get results in any work, the work must be done well. And the experience is needed to complete the job well. We are fully experienced in justifying the client’s marketing. I and my 6 team members each have 10,000 hours + experience in digital work. Different teams have been formed for different tasks so the work is perfect and appropriate. In my team, the experience is not verified for years but verified by how many hours. Monthly and part-time work has been done with SEO, SMM with 40+ organizations, 500+ products, and many other organizations. eCommerce Business Development and Brand Marketing has been built around 25+, we have given the highest advice to new entrepreneurs for business growth. Affiliate has also spent digital marketing skills with other agencies.

The current world is modern so it is very important to keep yourself modern and updated. Google, Facebook and various digital marketing tools are constantly changing and new trains are coming, so if you can’t adapt to it, the path to success will be a big obstacle. I am always aware and updated on all aspects of my skill and technology. We can adapt to any modern change. With the change of Google’s algorithm, all our SEO experts have to worry about the first page ranking. On the other hand, all the other social media like Facebook and their updates are changing day by day. I am always updated to do more timely work in everything.

What We Do For Your Business?

Not getting the right result according to the cost? Let’s take a look at the problems and solutions in your business. Let your business change today.

Your Problem

Why is the customer not interested in your product?

You are overly dependent on the buyer but the buyer is not dependent on you. Why is the buyer so uninterested in you?


This is like one-sided love. You fell in love with her but she is not responding to your love. You think she’s wrong so she’s not evaluating your love. But you never once wondered if the expression of your love was justified to him. Loved it but did you understand it with importance? Or have you been able to give as much as he wants in love? If you could do that, maybe he would respond to you. In business, just like the love of the buyer and the seller, if you do not present the customer with due importance while maintaining the quality of the product, then it is normal that he will not respond.


If the person of choice in love does not respond, your financial loss will not be so much, but if the buyers do not respond to the business, you will have to face a big financial loss. As a result, the business structure will continue to decline day by day due to anxiety and frustration. And in this way, the business will disappear one day at a time. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the quality demanded by the buyer.


Any change in business will save you from going bankrupt!? What if buyers would only come to you, not your competitors? What kind of marketing will make buyers more interested in your product? And day by day the business position will turn into success!?


Yes, the big reason for all these problems is that the branding in your business is not fair. Proper branding will differentiate you from your competitors and buyers will evaluate you differently. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few. So, you have to work very well with branding to create buyer interest. 3 aspects of branding that are 100% effective in creating buyer interest. If you work with that you will become more familiar than the competitors! This will multiply the buyer utility, Creation, you will also find the way to success quickly.


The main branding is:

  1. Brand Identifications
  2. Branding Values
  3. Brand Marketing


How will your customers identify your business? These Brand Identifications will help you achieve that. And with Brand Values, the level of interest of the buyers should be increased which the buyers can know through Brand Marketing. So these 3 things must be kept right in business. Excluding anyone will ruin the branding.

Advertising costs more than the income. but why?

Suppose you are the Prime Minister of a country. You are always working for the good of the country. Your good decision will improve the country and your wrong decision will harm the country. So, you have several secretaries with you. You talk to these secretaries and fix the action plan so that there are no mistakes in your action plan. You hired skilled people in important departments of the country. Before you do anything in a department, you talk to the head of that department, for example (IT department) and then make a plan after you have a final talk with your secretaries. The plan is perfect and up-to-date. Because Prime Minister does not mean that you will be omniscient in all matters. That is why you have hired skilled and good people in each department so that the right decision can be made in consultation with them. But if you consider yourself an omniscient minister and want to work in all sectors alone, but many of your decisions can be wrong which will bring harm to the country. Let’s get to business,


If you are a businessman, if you do all the work like that minister, but your business will never get good results. You may think that you have finished BBA, MBA so you can do marketing very well but it is completely wrong. Because, BBA, MBA Traditional Marketing will not be so useful in online business. Again, being able to add on Facebook Boost or Google is not called digital marketing. You need 3-4 years to learn digital marketing. Now the question is will you do business or marketing?


Yes, if you do business, you have to hire the right person in the marketing sector. You need to hire a digital marketer who has spent at least 10,000 hours in this sector. Your job is to judge the type of marketing. For this, you must know basic marketing. If you don’t know basic marketing, you can’t understand what he is doing.


The cost is higher than the 73% sales of an SME company, either because he is marketing himself or his marketing team cannot do a good job. The cost of enterprises or large companies is higher due to the lack of additional paid promotion and inbound marketing. On the other hand, they should also do a lot of work on the viral content marketing concept.

After all, the cost of marketing organizations is greatly increased by unskilled employees.

The plan is one kind of result that comes a different kind.

The reverse of the plan means that there is something wrong with the plan or there is something wrong with the plan. Any plan should be done through research and maximum competitive research and if it is done then maybe there is some mistake somewhere in the marketing or the person doing the marketing could not do it properly.


If the plan is made by a businessman himself without a marketing expert, he can discuss the matter with a member of the marketing team to find out how much the plan is in favor of marketing theory and correct it if it is wrong. No plan can ever bring good results without a marketing concept. So, planning should be done from the perspective of adequate marketing.


The plan is justified but not managed by the right marketer or trying to misrepresent the plan itself will have the opposite effect. The right action taken for any plan and that step brings you the right result.


No plan will work if the branding of the business is not right. So, a business branding plan is much more important before you plan to sell products in your business. Planning your own branding can be a mistake. It will be seen later that if there is any mistake somewhere, you will have to double the cost. Because, if the first brand design is not in accordance with the marketing concept, then the second time it has to be made again in collaboration with the marketer.


Don’t start by applying a nice strategy based on how much your service or product needs. A paid campaign should be done on it only after verifying it through proper split test! Otherwise, the result may be the opposite. As a result, the result will be out of consciousness and you will be disappointed.


The result is different due to inconsistent planning or inconsistency with the marketing reality or the audience’s mind goal was not justified.

You are far behind the competitors.

The biggest reason you are far behind your competitors is because you have not yet mastered their strategy. The contestants will have to find out their position much further by adopting what method. And knowing that, you have to come up with a better plan.


Again, many competitors have a lot of budget and investment, so if you can do with them, you have to make a big change in the business. Good tactics, content marketing, and viral marketing. Otherwise, your business will not survive in any way with their high budget.


It is important to make timely changes. In the new update, the technology will also have to go ahead with the highest productivity with the goal sought by the audience. The most important thing is to stay with the competitors by creating more importance and excellent value on inbound marketing.


We say the same thing over and over again about branding.

Making brandy for business is very important. It is not possible to survive in the competition without it. Core Branding Brand identifications, Brand Strategy & Brand Marketing are required.

Our Solution 

How we make 273% of customers interested.

We will meet with you first to brand your business and do research according to the type of business. At the end of the research, our planner team will make 10 plans with it. We will do a competitor analysis with 10 plans in hand. After doing the analysis we will build the branding strategy on the best plan.

Brand identification, brand value, and brand marketing will all come under this brand strategy.


Brand Identification: Our partner designer agency will make the logo out of your business brand color as well as design everything you need. Online marketing will be completed on all channels and all the top 5 social media brand designs and brand website designs. All this will be monitored by our branding team so that if any design goes wrong, it will be caught immediately and that design will be recreated. The design will be so perfect that it will be much more attractive and acceptable to any ordinary person. As a result, people can easily identify your business.


Brand Value: We will create some excellent value propositions for how to stay ahead of your competitors as well as field analysis so that there is no mistake in creating value. This will keep the customer coming to you and increase the sales volume at a huge rate.


Brand Marketing: We are quite responsible for your advertising costs, so we will try to figure out how to get more results at a lower cost. At the same time, we will work very well with viral content marketing so that your business gets acquainted quickly. We will do our utmost in SEO and organic marketing so that in the future a lot of traffic to your site without any kind of advertising. Pixel setup in paid advertising and 9 power retargeting marketing will result in potential winning customers.


Online business success will never come without business branding. And we are helping you the most in this success.

The way we do more marketing at a lower cost.

We are always alert and aware of your costs. We work towards your goal by making the lower of the cost. If business setup and branding work are done, then we can reduce the cost of business by 3 times through inbound marketing. I and my team are all very skilled. Everyone has 3-15 years of work experience in this sector. So, you can have full confidence in us.


We are targeting the Facebook campaign Ads. Then we take out the fully retargeted customer with that audience and show the ad only to the hot customers from the retargeted customers so that your cost is less and the customer responds a lot. We then move on to inbound marketing by collecting likes, the Facebook group joins reviews and lots of shares from those customers. Working with pixel setup and lots of lead reduces the cost 3 times.


Proper SEO for the organization brings Google to the first-page rank so that the cost of the organization is reduced to zero. As a result of SEO, on the one hand, people are searching for your product or service as soon as they search on Google. Which transmits traffic for free in the future without any advertising.


We build relationships with customers through Proper Email Marketing to the leads of other channels and gradually convert them into influences and at some point, they are converted into customers. This results in a much lower cost and a much higher increase in sales volume.


In addition to digital marketing, in some cases, traditional marketing is something that someone has to focus on a lot of the time. Targeted marketing is done by creating a digital branding marketing strategy, traditional branding, marketing master planning formula and as a result, much higher ROI comes from all fields.


The Biggest Marketing Viral Content Marketing Drive a lot of visitors to the website for free as a result of this and the business progresses quickly.


In addition, we create a surprising marketing concept with any trendy marketing concept and transform it into Guerilla marketing. As a result, the cost is reduced 5 times.


We market your service to the best of our ability, reduce costs, and generate lots of traffic just to meet your expectations.

How we plan and work perfectly.

With a good idea of ​​business and service, we find A to Z of that business. Then our research team researches it.


Planning: In planning, we have a team whose job is to make the right plan. They make excellent and practical plans in light of sufficient information from the researched sheets. The plan is full of marketing concepts and marketing information.


Creative: Our creative team works to make the plans more attractive. Each plan is creative so that visitors can focus more and drive ROI. Some plans may require a funny mood, some may have a marketing emotion concept, and all of these, combine to create an excellent creative plan.


Audience Strategy: We work on audience research and strategy in the light of planning. What kind of service does the audience want? Where to ask them. A full strategy is created in all these matters.


Business Identification: Starting from the business mission, vision, goal value, customer target, audience target sheet, value proposition, the business is identified here and then the plan is worked out.


Marketing Strategies: Marketing strategies are based on information from research, plans, creative plans, audience goals, business goals. As a result, there is enough information in the strategy and it is easy to understand where the advance position of the organization will go.


Budget: When all is work done, we create a budget on how much a channel will cost. We will sit down with you and make the final decision on how much it will cost on YouTube, how much it will cost on Facebook, whether it will advertise images on Google or advertise videos. And as soon as we set the budget, we will order the content and the vendor to create the content, images, video animations, and everything that is needed.


Campaign and Reporting: Once all of the above is ready, we will start the campaign by looking at a beautiful and trendy moment and present it to you by creating daily reporting, weekly and monthly reports. We will highlight the difference between the previous result by SWOT.

What will we do to survive in the competition?

We will create a customer goal according to the demand of the product and market it to the right audience according to that goal. This will convert more traffic to the customer and keep you in the competition.


By doing SEO, We will bring more keyword rank than the competitors. By doing this, a lot more traffic will come to your site which will increase your sales 6 times. When there is a lot of traffic to the site, it will definitely set you apart from the competitors.


In social media marketing, we will always be promoting active posts and current affairs with a viral content marketing plan. We’re constantly working with viral content marketing to differentiate your products and businesses from those of your competitors so that buyers know your business better.


Blogs will drive a lot of targeted traffic to your business through regular promotional content and display ads and paid campaigns on the most accurate channels so that you can survive as a true competitor.


By doing all the inbound marketing in the business, we will take you to the highest audience so that you can stay accurate and timely for a long time.

Work Process

An action plan is very important at the beginning of online marketing or any business. So, I keep in mind some basic things before I start any work. However, it is not possible to mention here that it is necessary to work with a deeper subject and strategy in the main marketing, which I discuss and suggest directly in the meeting. However, this is how my basic start is.



Information is needed before starting work, & there is no substitute for research to get accurate information.



After completing the online business research, I create a digital marketing strategy and master Plan.



Now let’s start inbound and outbound marketing activities by preparing online marketing channel as per the plan.



Prepare campaign results analysis and reporting and differentiate with previous results by SWOT the business.

What Our Clients Saying

Glenys Smith

” Works very well in social media marketing. Energetic and talented I am really fascinated by his work. I hope others will applaud his work and be as happy as I am. xawad Musa thank you for gifting me the wonderful work! “

Kaleem Brown

” Amazing job!! He basically more than doubled what he said he would do and was very responsive whenever I had any questions. I would highly recommend using this service! “

Wendy Brown

” Unbelievable, beyond belief, hard to believe, astonishing, astounding, breathtaking, staggering, phenomenal, extraordinary!!! I recommend 🙂 “

Service  Pricing

Order the package of your choice now to grow your business by 265%. I offer Local Business Brand Marketing Strategy, Corporate Digital Marketing Services and a complete eCommerce setup for new entrepreneurs. In addition, all premium services related to digital marketing. Take a look at all my digital marketing packages.

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