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My official name is Ibrahim Musa. Google, Facebook, Semrush, Moz, and 25+ Organization Certified Pro Level Digital Learner! I also completed SEO at the University of California and Brand Marketing courses from the University of Virginia. At the same time, I have over 10,000+ hours of work experience in digital marketing.
Ibrahim Musa

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Our Mission

We transform business through creative online marketing. Encourage online startups to eliminate unemployment. Our only goal is to create entrepreneurship in every home and prepare them for successful marketing.


Our Values
  • We don’t sell services, we only sell results.
  • Not just marketing, we set up the whole business.
  • We offer 20% discount for SME entrepreneurs.
  • We provide 24/7 digital marketing support.


Our Objectives
  • Creating a smart and fast working environment.
  • Creative and brand marketing services.
  • Data-driven marketing to every business.
  • Create the highest brand value by the plan.
  • Maintain a relationship with the client.


Happy Clients

Providing the right service to our clients motivates us to do better when they respond positively to our work. This is how we always try our best to solve the problem with the feedback from the clients … The smile on the client’s face is our success.

Amazing Experience

They were very sincere in providing my startup business setup and lead campaign Advertisement. Xawad Musa in particular has always helped me a lot by providing marketing consultancy services. Truly he is much more experienced. Not only work but also the business has learned a lot from him. I hope you will serve in this way. Good luck next journey!



Ibrahim Musa’s team

Our Team

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Sadequr Rahman

Head OF Marketing

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Swasti Nitya

Content writing

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Adeel Ahmed

ART & Design


We offer 20% discount for SME entrepreneurs. By offering 20% discount for small and medium entrepreneurs, we offer the highest level of DM service by reducing the cost of online marketing in their business. Your win is our success.

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